Final Dissemination Event of FIBRE4YARDS PROJECT


Robtrusion will participate in the Final Dissemination Event of the FIBRE4YARDS project, where the achieved results for enhancing European leadership in shipbuilding and maintenance will be presented.

The Final Dissemination Event will take place on 13th December 2023, 2023, in Nantes, France.

Top-tier experts from research and industry will share their insights on the development opportunities for European shipyards and promote new technologies.

Digitization, automation, modularity, and profitability will be featured in a demonstrator that will be presented on the day of the event. It involves a portion of the superstructure of a catamaran where various manufacturing solutions are combined, including Robtrusion’s straight and curved profiles.

The Final Dissemination Event is open to the public and has no registration fees. However, registration is mandatory through this online form.

Below, we present the event program.