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The development of new production processes to automate the total or partial manufacture of composite ships is a key aspect in the positioning of the new generation of shipyards. Robtrusion’s entry into the shipbuilding sector is a step forward in the modernisation of European shipyards to meet the new challenges of maritime transport.
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Each one of a boat’s frames, which act as reinforcement and stiffeners for the hull, is unique due to their varying geometry to adapt to the shape of the hull. For this reason, their manufacture is currently carried out almost entirely manually, with all the disadvantages that this entails.

This is where Robtrusion will play a key role in the automation of their manufacture, providing competitiveness, flexibility, the ability to manufacture unitary parts and quality control.

Collaborative projects


The main goal of FIBRE4YARDS (Grant agreement No. 101006860) is to maintain Europe’s world leadership in fibre-based shipbuilding through the implementation of the Shipyard 4.0 concept and the successful inclusion of advanced and innovative FRP manufacturing technologies. To this end, FIBRE4YARDS will consider a cost-effective, digitised, automated and modular approach to ship production, with the intention of reducing construction costs.

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Market needs

The emission reduction targets proposed by Europe have led the major manufacturers in the automotive sector to include in their strategic agendas the use of light and resistant materials such as composites, which not only reduce vehicle weight, but also comply with safety requirements. However, meeting the sector’s production requirements requires a transformation of traditional composite manufacturing processes such as the one carried out by Robtrusion.

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The tubular structures of an automobile present a number of opportunities for Robtrusion. In fact, during the Weevil project (Grant agreement No. 653926), the possibility of using curved profiles manufactured by Robtrusion on part of the chassis of an electric vehicle was demonstrated. In addition, the same project corroborated the feasibility of using straight profiles for the manufacture of crash-box structures, demonstrating the high energy absorption properties of the pultruded material.

Collaborative projects


The WEEVIL project (Grant agreement No. 653926) aimed to develop a 3-wheeled urban vehicle in tadpole configuration, with improved safety and lightweight features thanks to a novel low-cost composite structure, a vehicle width adaptation mechanism, a new efficient magnet-free motor and a state-of-the-art interchangeable battery pack.

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Market needs

The market for composites continues to grow inexorably, encompassing applications that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. Civil infrastructure is a case in point. Currently, composites, and more specifically pultrusion profiles, are used as structural elements in a large number of applications, demonstrating their great potential in this sector.

The curved profiles manufactured by Robtrusion open the door to new opportunities, such as unique constructions, which require great flexibility and customisation in their structural components.

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The emerging 5G technology is presented as a key aspect of Smart Cities. However, its implementation in the cities of the future requires the construction of new infrastructures capable of containing the antennas. In this regard, one of the concepts is based on the use of small cells incorporated in so-called smart-poles. Robtrusion offers solutions along these lines in the form of curved composite streetlights capable of transmitting electromagnetic waves for telecommunications with a great deal of design freedom.

Collaborative projects


The collaborative project with ETCETERA aims to promote the search for new designs and singular and unique constructions where Robtrusion stands out from current trends and where new horizons and applications can be opened up.

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