Robtrusion was awarded with the best company award


Recognition for its entrepreneurship

The new industrial line of Irurena Group, focused on the manufacture of composites and ultraviolet curing in the industrial field, has been awarded at the 32nd edition of the Toribio Echevarria Awards with the prize for the best new company.

Some awards that recognize and promote innovative entrepreneurship and the creation of new business projects. In this edition, initiatives from various sectors such as health, biosciences, sports, mobility and new materials competed between them.

Robtrusion is a collaborative entrepreneur project carried out together with Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa and Irurena Group. The relationship between both, after a decade of collaboration, have made possible the contribution of knowledge in manufacturing processes of composites and ultraviolet curing in the industrial field.

Irurena Group has a great team of R&D doctors and technicians with experienced know-how in ultraviolet curing. Mondragon on the other hand, promotes the development of new ideas that can be done in its facilities. As a result, it was possible to carry out the manufacturing of curved profiles for glass fiber composites using robotic pultrusion.

A new technology developed thanks to this union unique in the world.

Its possible applications in the industrial field are very varied, among them, the one in the naval sector stands out. The objective is to be able to offer curved profiles in the manufacture of boats to replace the current expensive manual manufacture.

As an example, Robtrusion is currently involved in the European project Fibre4Yards whose objective is the implementation of new technologies in the shipping industry.

Robtrusion is a great innovative project that, with the effort and enthusiasm of a great team, is managing to offer something new to improve current industrial processes.

An activity that the Toribio Echevarria Awards have valued very positively with the New Company Award.

From Robtrusion we want to thank the Toribio jury for the award and the entire team that has made this recognition possible.

If you want to contact and know more about Robtrusion, contact us or write to Iván Sáenz Dominguez, PhD via LinkedIn.