Curved pultrusion process


Curved pultrusion machine

Designed, developed and optimised by the Robtrusion team over more than 10 years of research. A machine that encompasses 3 major strategic areas worldwide:
  • Advanced materials.
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Automation and intelligent robotics technologies.

Advanced materials

UV-cured composites

The combination of a wider variety of glass fibre reinforcement orientations (roving, MAT, multi-axial fabrics…) with the use of fast UV-cured resins from IRURENA GROUP, ensures the manufacture of lightweight curved profiles with excellent mechanical properties.

Advanced manufacturing technologies

Out-of-die UV curing

Out-of-die curing using UV LED light sources enables curved profiles with different geometries to be produced using the same die, reducing costs and increasing process flexibility.

Automation technologies and intelligent robotics

Advanced robotic manufacturing

The use of robots as a pulling system enables the automated production of curved pultruded profiles with different radii and orientations.


This technology delivers high value-added results offering competitive advantages in addition to other business benefits.





High productivity

Customised products

Small batches


Lower energy consumption

Lower VOC emission

High strength / low weight

Curved profiles

Use of different reinforcement configurations

Low porosity

Different radii and orientations in the same profile

Design flexibility

Discover our prototypes and their applications

The following models are standard profiles that we are manufacturing. These profiles are customisable and adaptable.
Perfil pletina

Strip profile

Perfil omega

Omega profile

Hexagon profile

Perfil tubo

Tube profile

Custom fiberglass profiles

Ask us for information for the development of profiles tailored to your needs.